Nba 2k20 best badges reddit

Nba 2k20 best badges reddit

Today we break down the top 10 best badges you can have in NBA2K Everything from range extender, to contact finisher to brick wall and green machine, we cover all badge aspects in NBA2K20! Player ratings are a big deal in NBA 2K, but the badges are what truly separates a player in the game.

It will make a lot of difference, even when got a higher overall rating, without touching the badges, the player usually performs badly. While EA already revealed a badge list that details the effect of every badge in the game, goldkk. Top 10 - Difficult Shots. It is a really good badge this year, known for making tough shots off the dribble. It gives you a larger chance to score a goal in any situation, it also can make you literally unguardable. If you're a player who likes to do spin jumpers and hop shots and all those type of shots, I think it's an absolute must.

But if you're kind of just want to do the meta of the game which everyone is basically this year is just running off screens and just running left running right and just shooting fading shots like typical fadeaways, you don't even need difficult shots to green those shots.

It's really good coming in at number 10, you'd better have this badge on hall of fame. How to unlock: Through making at least pull and hop shots that are contested in some way or form. Top 9 - Hall Of Fame Dimer.

nba 2k20 best badges reddit

We have Hof Dimer this year is extremely useful. Boosts the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots after catching a pass.

When in the half-court, passes by Dimers to open shooters yield a shot percentage boost. NBA 2k labs actually did a study on it and showed how much it increases the makes for each shot rate like a 63 rating, a 73 rating, 80 and a 93 rating and what they found out was for the 60 and a 73 ratings, if you're catching off dimer, it gives you a huge boost now even for the 80 and the 93 rating shooters, it still does boost you, but only just a little bit because ratings already so high.

How to unlock: Through getting at least assists in a single season. Top 8 - Intimidator. Now some people would argue rent protector is better and I've heard from some people that they have Intimidator on silver and they feel like it doesn't do anything well.

I know people that play with Intimidator on Hall of Fame and no rim protector and they are really really strong in the paint like they do not get scored on in the paint, so maybe you need to have Intimidator on Hall of Fame, but in my opinion when it's on Hall of Fame it's a crucial defensive badge.

Now if you combine this with that rim protector and you have Hall of Fame Intimidator and Hall of Fame rim protector you're gonna be locking down that paint like no other. With all the shooting buff Badges, this is a must for all defensive builds. It's the best way to counteract offense. Top 7 - Fancy Footwork.Shooting is once again overpowered in NBA 2K20, and certain badges only amplify that overpowered nature even more.

Here are five badges that can turn any shooting build into a demigod:. The Deadeye bagde decreases the penalty on shots contested by a defender at the last second. This means it helps more of your lightly contested shots go in the bucket. Any shooting build should equip Deadeye on a higher level, as it will certainly help you shoot at a higher percentage anywhere on the court, especially when the defender just seems to get a light contest on your shot.

Catch and Shoot is the perfect badge for off-ball shooters as the boost on catch-and-shoot shots is significant on every build. We recommend maxing it out on all off-ball shooting builds, even higher-rated ones. The Range Extender allows you to hit shots outside normal shot distances, especially beyond the three point line. It also gives you a boost on any shots more a step outside the three point line.

With jumpshots being notoriously slow this year, the Quick Draw badge, which speeds up your jumpshot, has become the only remedy to stupidly slow jumpers.

Although we usually recommend Quick Draw on the highest level possible, experiment with different levels to find the best speed for you. Posted —. Next Contact Dunks Requirements. Here are five badges that can turn any shooting build into a demigod: 5. Deadeye The Deadeye bagde decreases the penalty on shots contested by a defender at the last second. Range Extender The Range Extender allows you to hit shots outside normal shot distances, especially beyond the three point line.

Quick Draw With jumpshots being notoriously slow this year, the Quick Draw badge, which speeds up your jumpshot, has become the only remedy to stupidly slow jumpers.

NBA 2K20: How to Get New Galaxy Opal Blake Griffin and Clyde Drexler

Post Views: 23, Leave a Reply Cancel reply.While we already have a Badge list that details the effect of every Badge in the game, this guide narrows things down for the top five overall selections in each build category. While your final Badge choices may vary based on the specific kind of player you wish to make, here are some broad suggestions to consider for Finishing, Playmaking, Shooting and Defense.

As you'll see below, these five Badges really compliment a Finishing-focused MyPlayer in terms of taking it to the rim, making layups and avoiding contact from all areas fairly close to the bucket. Not everyone will be able to go full Hall of Fame for each one of these depending on your build, but nothing here should be below Silver if you can help it.

With Playmaking, the emphasis is on team support, dribbling and creating space. Especially if you intend to play lots of online games with human players, your teammates will be glad to have you around. If you're a shooter, then the jump shot is key to your success. These five Badges make it easier to nail a successful jump shot and then buff your rewards for doing so. If you prefer to play far from the basket, these are five Badges well worth the investment.

As you might've guessed, these top-five Badges are all about stopping Playmakers and Shooters from dominating the court. Nerf those shooting buffs, block offense and rebound like crazy with these selections. For more MyPlayer creation help, check out our build guide. Are there any OP Badges we missed? Tell us in the comments section!


Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.On Tuesday, 2K rolled out a new set of Buzzer Beater cards. Where would you rank Blake Griffin among the best dunkers of all-time? There are 2 ways to get the cards in this set. Here are the detailed specifics for both of those methods as it pertains to this new series of cards.

At this point, the differences between most of the cards are slight, but that little bit of separation can be the deciding factor in a win or loss. Also in the set is a Pink Diamond Desmond Mason with the expected uber athleticism. There is also a hidden gem in the Diamond Brent Barry.

nba 2k20 best badges reddit

You cant get caught worrying about the departures from realism. If you play the card as it is meant to be played, he can offer some solid value for you. His dunking is perhaps the most attractive attribute. He has a 99 standing and driving dunk rating, and thus he finishes on the level of the Galaxy Opal Ben Simmons.

From a pure value standpoint, the best card could be the Desmond Mason Pink Diamond. The athleticism and bounce are noticeable, and the three-point ratings are favorable. By Brian Mazique. Updated Apr 14, at pm.There is never a perfect answer to what badges you should unlock first for your player in MyCareer, but most of the time it comes down to what build you are going for. NBA 2K20 has an improved progression system for badges that helps players earn points towards the unlocks they want quicker than in 2K Penalties for mistimed layups are reduced, allowing players to make layups more consistently.

Contact Finisher Improves the ability to convert contact layups and dunks in traffic. Slashers who play below the rim finish contact layups more successfully while dunkers are able to pull off more contact dunks. When rolling off the pick and roll, a shot boost is applied if the layup or dunk attempt comes within a few seconds after catching the pass.

Relentless Finisher Reduces the fatigue effects from continually finishing at the rim with contact. All of these options are great for nearly every player, but they are especially useful for slashing guards and wings who like to take their man to the rim or run a lot of pick plays.

There are some better options for predominantly paint players, but for the most part, this is a good start. Deadeye Reduces the impact of a defender who is closing out. Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest.

This includes both mid-range and 3PT shots.

nba 2k20 best badges reddit

Difficult Shots Improves the ability to shoot difficult shots off the dribble. High difficulty jumpers such as hop steps, spins, stepbacks, and pull-ups receive a shot percentage boost. Flexible Release Reduces the penalty suffered from mistimed jump shot released. Shot timing penalties for jump shots are reduced, making it easier to knock down attempts even when releasing early or late.

Shot attempts that come after setting a screen are given a boost if the shot happens far enough from the rim and within a few seconds after the screen has been set. Again, these are all of the options that fit the best for every classification of the player. Gives offensive attributes boosts to teammates when on the floor.

Handles for Days Reduces the amount of energy lost when performing dribble moves. A player takes less of an energy hit when performing consecutive dribble moves, allowing them to chain together combos quicker and for longer periods of time.

Needle Threader Increases the likelihood that tough passes can get by the defense. Unpluckable Reduces the chances of getting stripped by the defender. When performing dribble moves, defenders have a tougher time poking the ball free with their steal attempts.

Best MyPlayer Badges to Unlock in NBA 2K20

These are probably the most important badges in the game, mainly because 2K always seems to screw up something in regards to holding the ball. Handles for Days is super useful to cut down on the new stamina meter stopping you from using consecutive dribble moves in a row. The rest are just ways to stop the help stop the general 2K cheese of losing the ball when running into an opponent or getting long passes picked off frequently. Defenders have access to quicker cut-off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler.

Intimidator Intimidates offensive players causing them to miss shots more often. Offensive players have less success shooting when contested by players with this badge. Also boosts the shot defense ratings when tightly guarding an opponent. Lighting Reflexes Receives an earlier cue on the Read and React system when playing defense.

Gives the defender an advantage to read where the ball handler is going in the Read and React system.NBA 2K20 has been released and the grind for badges is on. It's a grind to get them, but there are some ways that NBA 2K20 players can get badges fast. YouTuber OG Almighty's video explains that smart NBA 2K20 players will put the work into their character's primary strength as it is these badges that players can rank up in the fastest.

Becoming a good overall player may be great and on the road to 99 that's going to be necessary, but getting badges fast means that players will have to start with their character's strengths. Don't try and get layups for easy points, only shoot jump shots and other distance shots to get this badge, explains the YouTuber. He also suggests shooting pull up shots as standing shots are a bit trickier.

nba 2k20 best badges reddit

With a shooting build, the more shots a player shoots and makes, the higher the shooting meter will go up. After unlocking Difficult Shots, Catch and Shoot is another good badge to get.

The next suggestion works for all NBA 2K20 character builds. In MyCareer, players don't need to split the ball with other players - they can be a ball hog and put the work into getting badges. Players should also lower their difficulty setting to Pro. Playing at the Hall of Fame difficulty level may be good for the ego, but players can earn good XP at the easier difficulty.

Players can also complete the drills in MyCareer. Try to complete the drills as efficiently as possible for double rewards and bonuses. This can be a huge help when it comes to getting NBA 2K20 badges quickly. Getting all of the badges isn't going to be easy and will take a long time, but getting these first badges can be a quick process by playing smart.

Jasmine Henry has been a writer for Game Rant since She digs RPGs, sports sims, and loot shooters. With game genres like that, Jasmine has little time for hobbies, but she enjoys creating music and spending time on her farm. Share Tweet Email 0. Where to Find Wendigo Colossus in Fallout How to Get Compound Bow in Fallout How to Get the Fortnite Deadpool Skin.By Shawn Kennedy. August 28, Many users can make any style work and play the game well depending on personal preference, but overall, these look like the best builds at each position in NBA 2K The Playsharp point guard can also max out at an 87 post fade with 83 post moves, so a taller player can do it all no matter the playing style of his teammates.

But in 2K20going with a three-and-D type of shooting guard can give you an all-around beast of a player. Defensively, the upside is massive with 84 perimeter defensive, 85 steal, 80 block, and 85 defensive rebound. With 93 midrange, 93 three-pointer, 95 post fade, and 85 close shot maximum attributes, the build should be able to fill it up from anywhere on the court.

Yup, going with a sharpshooting build for all three of the small forward, power forward, and center positions might be best for all three positions.

Because the max rebounding attributes are still pretty high for every position no matter the skill balance pie chart you go with, it makes sense to load up on skilled shooters at the spots.

A shooting-slanted center can max out at 87 midrange, 84 three-point, and 95 post-fade, so it could be a nightmare to cover all over the court. And the 76 defensive rebounding and 75 block are still adequate down low on defense.

Trash article, no creativity. Every build is a shooter with no d. Love to see this lineup vs a well balanced lineup that respects defense. Rebounds, Blocks, and then scores in the post on the other end. The only position you got right was the SF. SF should be shot creator tho. By Shawn Kennedy August 28, Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Trash article. Kanye Hite. You sound dumb ass hell, you aint comp with no shot slash boy. You weak as hell. Mike hunt. Mo Bamba.

SF should be shot creator tho yall complaining realize 2k is about shooting now right? Yes No.

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